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Time is of the essence. Nuvia is designed to make you more productive wherever you need to work. In the office, in a home office, a hotel room, an airport or a coffee shop, our clients keep you connected and make you more responsive to co-workers and customers.

Nuvia provides your customers and co-workers one point of contact – no phone tag followed by e-mails, cell phone calls and chats. The contact number appears when you place calls – no need to expose a personal cell phone number to work contacts. Receive or start collaborating from the device of your choice – change as needed. Nuvia’s call grabber service makes it easy to move a live sessions to another device if your preference changes.


Desk Phones

Enjoy the traditional features of a business phone with the cost-effectiveness of the cloud. Nuvia supports virtually any SIP or UNISTIM desktop phone.

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Smartphone Clients

Put your office in your pocket. Your office number and collaboration services in an easy-to-use app for your smartphone. Ideal for on the go sales staff or professionals that need to protect their personal mobile number.

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Tablet Clients

iPads, and Android Tablets are becoming the device of choice for road warriors. Nuvia offers a powerful combination of voice and collaboration tools to keeping tablet users productive.

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PC’s & Macs

Complement or replace a desktop phone with a sophisticated softphone experience.

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Web Browsers

Use a dedicated client or just a web browser. Nuvia supports the latest WebRTC technology to eliminate fussy plug-ins.

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A Ten Minute Guide to Teleworking

Tips for Working Successfully from Home or the Road

One Number Simplicity

With Nuvia, users have just one number that can be simultaneously used by a desktop phone, softphone, smartphone and tablet apps– making everyone more accessible, simplifying the calling experience and keeping mobile numbers private. A great solution to eliminate overpriced international calling from a mobile device.



More Than Just Phone Calls – Collaboration

Nuvia delivers HD quality phone calls but also lets your bring people together one touch access to Nuvia MeetMe audio and video conferencing.

One Business Directory with Presence & Instant Messaging

Nuvia provides users the ability to search a single business directory that provides presence and instant messaging. Easily see who is online, on the phone, away, or offline. It is built into all the Nuvia clients and makes it easy to see everyone’s status and with one touch send them an instant message or make an audio or video call.


Nuvia Cloud UC – Your Partner in the Cloud

Call Grabber – Take Your Call With You

We have all been in the situation where we are on a phone call at our desk but needed to leave and either had to leave the call, missing important information or being late for the next appointment. Call Grabber lets users take the call with them. Easily grab calls from one Nuvia device on another and back again.