Bringing Teams Together in Real-time from Anywhere

Even as we all carry more connected devices it can be harder than ever to get your team together to share information and get decisions made. Nuvia helps cut through the clutter with simple tools that anyone can use to collaborate with co-workers and business partners. Nuvia communication clients provide transparent access to your office phone number on popular PCs, Macs and mobile devices. Presence shows who is available and MeetMe Conference Services are always ready to host a collaboration session. Nuvia provides a unified directory and integrated access to conference services so it doesn’t take longer to start a conference than to discuss the topic at hand. As the host you’ll see who has joined and left the conference without constant interruptions. Nuvia helps you get more done.


Instant Messaging

Quickly chat with users across multiple devices and easily move between chats, voice calls, and point-to-point videoconferences.

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Easily see who is available, on the phone, or away from their desk, when they are in the office or on the go.

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MeetMe Conferencing

Bring the team together in real-time. Hold on-demand audio and video conferences from any Nuvia client.

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A Ten Minute Guide to Teleworking

Tips for Working Successfully from Home or the Road” on bottom of this title “A Ten Minute Guide to Teleworking

Success Story: Connecting 2000 Employees Worldwide

GENBAND is a global communications technology provider for Service Providers and Enterprises. Its worldwide footprint encompasses multiple offices with about 2,000 employees in total. Like most large, global enterprises, GENBAND’s IT team is tasked with finding ways to make its employees more collaborative and productive while simultaneously reducing costs. Increasingly employees want to use their own devices and expect to conduct more business away from formal offices.

IT made the decision to adopt the Nuvia Cloud for all employees. Today every GENBAND employee has presence, instant messaging, collaboration and, of course, voice. Employees can use traditional IP phones, PC, Mac or web clients, and smartphones or tablets.


Nuvia Cloud UC – Your Partner in the Cloud